Guangzhou ANHUA HUI

ANHUA HUI is located at 880 Baiyun Avenue North, Guangzhou near the Baiyun Da Dao Bei metro station on line 3 and Huangbian metro station on line 2. It is the first large high-end commercial complex on the central axis of the Baiyun District with a total floor space of 300,000m2, including a 100,000m2 home mall, an 800,000m2 Ark shopping mall, a 20,000m2 office building, 30,000m2 hotel and apartments and 70,000m2 parking and public area.

ANHUA HUI is targeted at the huge nearby household consumer base, combining the home mall and the shopping mall into a one-stop intelligent experience center and the first family-themed shopping center in Baiyun District to satisfy household demand for living, shopping and entertainment. With an innovative experience consisting of one park,four themes and nine major business categories, AHHUA HUI will become the recreational and shopping destination for family members of all ages, attracting all families in Guangzhou for entertainment and shopping. From a commercial operation perspective, ANHUA HUI is the first to employ a full intelligent management and internet service platform to expand channels and build the most advanced and intelligent home and lifestyle experience center in Guangzhou.

ANHUA HUI will inject new energy into Guangzhou’s commercial development with its inspirational business philosophy, satisfying demand for commercial real estate and ushering in a new era of intelligent experience.

Building area: 300,000m2

Tel: 020-29077111/222

Address: No.880 Baiyun Avenue North, Baiyun District, Guangzhou