Guangzhou Meibo City

Guangzhou Meibo City is independently invested and developed by Guangdong Anhua Meibo Economic Development Co., Ltd, specializing in the beauty and cosmetic trade. It’s not only one of “12 key projects in commercial trading industry in Guangzhou”, but the most advanced, highest-grade and largest cosmetics exhibition and transaction center in Asia today.

Located at the commercial circle surrounding Guangzhou Railway Station, the Meibo City joins with Guangyuan East Express, Airport Highway and North Second Ring Expressway and is adjacent to Guangzhou Railway Station as well as Provincial and Municipal Coach Terminal, making it easily accessible by metro and multiple bus services. Geographical advantages guarantee the enormous passenger flow and convenient traffic of Meibo City, which therefore can multiply its commercial influence. The center contains 2000+ shops, centers of exhibition, trading, e-commerce, training and commercial services, as well as complete amenities like large storage areas. A majestic profile and splendid interior decoration add fashion flavor to this modern business and trade center.

Building area: 100,000m2

Tel: 020-86258923

Address: 122 Guangyuan West Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.