Hui Zhou Meibo City

Huizhou Meibo City is located in a prime area at the commercial street on Nantan Road East, Huizhou with nearly 20,000m2. Numerous luxury residences and high-level office buildings rise up here, fostering an extremely strong consuming power. The shopping district contains many shopping plazas, old-brand shopping malls such as Trust-Mart, the original East Commercial Street and Digital Commercial Street are highly popular.

Since the opening ceremony in 8th Aug. 2008, it has developed into an influential modern business circle closely following fashion trends. Anhua Meibo Group has actively explored the best business mode for Huizhou Beauty Exchange Centre. Through extensive market analysis and feedback, the Group has set its strategic objective to build Huizhou Meibo City into a plaza, targeted at young people by providing “food, drinks, entertainment, fun and shopping” services. Therefore, the Group has modified and upgraded the facilities of the Centre, and added amenities including KTV, catering, cinema and more. As a result, Huizhou Meibo City has become increasingly prosperous.

The strong presence of Meibo City as another commercial center for offbeat fashion consumption in the Pearl River Delta region has further consolidated the leading position of the Nantan East Business Circle in Huizhou, and driven Huizhou Nantan East area to further develop into a fashion-oriented and large-scale modern business district.

Building area: 20,000m2


Address: No. 17 Nantan East Road, Huizhou.