Chong Qing Zhongbo Global City

Zhongbo World Global City is one of the masterpieces that Chongqing Zhongbo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. built in Zhongxian. Since 2004, Zhongbo Real Estate strives to improve the commercial project with 29,000m2 in World City, by changing a lot in the old town, and greatly improving the transportation and environment, increased the city patterns, and transformed the former “Longxu Ditch” into what is now referred to as the “Golden Land”.

Zhongbo is devoted to enhancing the commercial grade of the Zhongbo Global City and constructing the Zhongxian central business circle so as to make the Zhongbo Global City a new highlight that adds radiance and charm to “Semi-city Culture” and leads the new fashion of shopping and recreation in western China. At present, Zhongbo Global City has become the largest and the highest grade core business flagship project in eastern Chongqing.

Building area: 29,000m2

Tel: 023-54451888

Address: No. 28 Zhongbo Avenue Zhong county Chongqing