Zhongbo New Town in Zhongxian

Answering the invitation from the county Party committee and the government of Zhong xian, Anhua Meibo Group established Chongqing Zhongbo Real Estate Development. Co. in 2004, and invested a large amount in building Zhongbo New Town, which aims to gain the most advanced recognition, district management and full of enthusiasm to build a large modern life community that can enrich the quality of life for Zhongxian people.

Zhongbo New Town is located in Tang Jia Gou, on the north side of Zhongxian, Chongqing. It is the largest urban construction project to date, covering an area of 260,000m2, and the total construction scale is 520,000m2. Its graceful environment is complete with supporting amenities, standard property management and services. It boasts an advanced electronic safety monitoring system, with each unit having intelligent entry door, full time security, cleaning and greening, and convenient transportation network. It incorporates the modern scientific design principles of environment responsibility and human comfort. Zhongbo New Town has become the new political, commercial, residential and cultural center in Zhongxian, which itself is an influential and popular, modern scenic city.

Building area: 520,000m2

Tel: 023-54451888

Address: No. 28 Zhongbo Avenue Zhong County Chongqing