Zhongxian Zhongbo Xiangshan Lake Properties Co., Ltd

In June 18, 2009, Guangdong Anhua Meibo Group funded the establishment of Zhongxian ZhongBo Xiangshan Lake Real Estate Co. Ltd., initiated boutique project – Zhongbo Xiangshan Lake by the pursuit of excellence, and create brilliance again. It occupies a total area of over 230,000m2 with a total building area up to 1,020,000m2, and the budget of total investment is about 3.5 billion RMB. It is the first international low carbon community located at the center of Xiangshan Area on the north side of Zhongxian Administrative Center, connecting Zhongbo New Town. Its influential design is comprised of ecological European-style garden residences with courtyard and European-style high-rise houses with scenic elevators. The south is adjacent to the 170,000m2 Xiangshan Ecological Park. Views of the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River are unobstructed, by a stream in front and a hill at the back; the new People’s Hospital of Zhongxian is on the east; and the Zhongbo experimental primary school is on the west.

The construction of Xiangshan Lake in Zhongbo has catalysed a residential revolution in Zhongxian, beginning Zhongxian’s luxury real estate era and having a profound impact on the urban development of Zhongxian in the future. Zhongbo Xiangshan Lake has created an ideal residence for the people of Zhongxian. At the same time, it has led to the development and rise of Xiangshan Area. It has become one of the most convenient livable models for living, business, administration, leisure and education in Zhongxian.

Building area: 1,020,000m2

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Address: Zhongbo Sales Center, Zhongbo Road, Zhongzhou Town, Zhong County, Chongqing