Guangdong Anhua MeiBo Home Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong Anhua Meibo Home Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet home technology and wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Anhua Meibo Real Estate Group co., Ltd, as well as a member of Guangdong Commercial Federation. It aims to “create a quality and environmental living experience” and is committed to promoting the healthy development of the industry.

As the company’s first home service brand, “Anmei Fang” relies on Anhua MeiBo Group‘s decades of experience in the building material industry and real estate development, and the ability to integrate powerful resources across industries. Building on the group’s accumulated strengths and good market reputation, Anmei Fang is committed to improving national living, creating a new one-stop integrated environmentally friendly home service platform, opening up a new future for the Chinese home decoration industry.

Anmei Fang will have serval experience centers in Guangzhou—the experience centers in Anhua Hui and Huacheng Hui will open at the same time. The one in Anhua Hui covers an area of 2000m2, which includes home furnishing experience, VR experience and environmentally friendly display home experience.

Anmei Fang plans to strategically enter the class A large Shopping mall Districts of 9 core cities in Guangdong, HK and Macao Bay area, and gradually expand to the whole of China!

Tel: 020-85209128

Address: 149 Huangpu Avenue Middle, Tianhe District, Guangzhou