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Guangdong Anhua Meibo Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Its predecessors were the General Auto Parts Trade, founded by Chairman Wang Fuguan in 1988 and Guangdong Anhua Economy Development Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. After 30 years of efforts, the group has evolved into a large-scale comprehensive investment group that includes development of commercial real estate, development of residential real estate and international resources trading and financial business. At present, the total assets of the group have reached more than 10 billion yuan, with more than 1560 employees; the projects have been developed and to be developed of Anhua Meibo Group’s real estate development projects total 7 million square meters, and the operation area of various professional market have reached 1 million square meters, with more than 5000 enterprises, 40,000 kinds of goods, 25,000 employees, yearly sales value close to 20 billion yuan, created exports valued at 300 million dollars, and pay comprehensive taxes to government reached 200 million yuan, Anhua Meibo Group owns 16 subsidiaries and 1 business department, including Anhua Meibo Group has developed 7 commercial real estate companies: Guangdong Anhua Economic Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Anhua Meibo Economic Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Anhua Meibo Commercial Operation& Management Co., Ltd., Guangdong Anhua Meibo Hui Home Building Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Meibo Clothing City Co., Ltd., Huizhou Meibo City Industrial Co., Ltd., and Tongliao Gangyuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.. Anhua Meibo Group has also developed 3 residential real estate companies: Chongqing Zhongbo Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Zhongxian Zhongbo Xiangshan Lake Properties Co., Ltd., and Chongqing Zhongbo Properties Co., Ltd. In addition, it has developed 3 international resources trade company: Guangdong Wanyao Economic Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huabo Trade Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Anhua Meibo Information Technology Co., Ltd.. Anhua Meibo Group also includes Guangzhou Bomei Property Management Co., Ltd., Tongliao Gangyuan Property Service Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Gangyuan Commercial Trade Co., Ltd., and Australian Real Estate Development International Business Department subsidiaries.

The group has independently developed and operated the following 15 large-scale projects: Anhua Decorative Material City, Anhua Light Fitting City, Anhua Fabric City, Anhua City in Tongliao, Anhua Hui, Guangzhou Meibo City, Meibo Sports City, Huizhou Meibo City, Chongqing Zhongbo New Town, Zhongbo World City, Zhongbo Commercial Pedestrain Street, Zhongbo Xiangshan Lake, Zhongbo·Xiangshan Residence, etc. In addition, the group has developed Australian Real Estate Development International Business Department, with its business spanning nationally and internationally.

The subsidiaries of Anhua Meibo Group, Anhua Decoration Material City, Anhua Light Fitting City, Guangzhou Meibo City and Meibo Sports City all enjoy great reputation in many professional wholesale markets of Guangzhou. Guangzhou Meibo City is the most advanced, highest grade and largest scale cosmetics exhibition trade center in Asia. It enjoys the honor of “Cosmetic Capital in Asia” in the domestic cosmetic industry and has successfully held the 34th National Beauty Salon Cosmetics Beauty Expo. Meeting. The annual transactions of merchants in more than 60 countries and regions in the world (including the Spring and Autumn Meibo Fair) exceed 10 billion yuan, which is listed by the Guangzhou Municipal Government as “12 major business start-up projects in Guangzhou”. The government of Yuexiu District has listed Guangzhou Meibo City as a key supported large-scale modern professional wholesale market; Guangzhou Meibo City won the honor of the first “Pingan Market” in the professional wholesale market in Guangdong Province in December 2015.

Anhua Meibo Group is building Anhua Hui a 300,000m2 project with family- theme, one park and nine major business categories, and it is the flagship brand that influences commercial real estate in South China and across the country. Anhua Hui has advanced visions and brand new thinking, combining the home mall and the shopping mall into a one-stop intelligent experience center in South China, and combing home building materials, innovative business, home, hotel, supermarket and green catering all in one. Taking environmental consciousness, intelligence, experience, and Internet + as the highlights to lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry, Anhua Hui has become the new benchmark of Guangzhou home building materials industry and the new landmark of Guangzhou Baiyun New City, which perfectly fulfills the regional mission, enhances the city image, and promotes economic development. Anhua Hui was awarded the Gourmet &Shopping Mall with the Most Investment Value in Guangdong, Hong Kong & Macao by Innovative Leadership Summit for Brands in Food & Beverage Industry of Greater China in March 2016; In May 2016, Anhua Hui won the honor of the 2016 Guangzhou Professional Market Industry &Business Model Innovation & Creation Project; In March 2017, Anhua Hui was awarded Exemplary Building Material Market in China, and the title of New Urban Commercial Landmark of the year. In May 2017, it was awarded Commercial Property with the Most Investment Value in South China for the year 2017. In August 2017, Anhua Hui won the honor of the 2016 National Commercial 3.15 Credit Declaration &Trustworthy Enterprise;

Anhua Meibo Group has won 62 various awards from the country, provinces, cities and industries. In September 2015, Anhua Meibo Group was awarded as a National Advanced Collective in Trading Circulation Industry. Wang Fuguan, Chairman of the group, Vice Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce.

At present, Anhua Meibo Group owns more than several million square meters development area, with multiple-projects in the process of investigation. Anhua Meibo is making progress and capitalizing on its strength with firm.

Development strategy:

Devoted to becoming the most vigorous famous-brand enterprise. Through positively making progress, exploration and innovation, the staff of Anhua Meibo Group have successfully developed an excellent and stable team of talents and established perfect and highly-efficient management system. The accurate and high-efficiency investment strategy, clear and reasonable market orientation, majestic plaza projects as well as zealous and highly-efficient property service have prompted rapid and stable development of the enterprise. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, the group has integrated advantageous resources and started group-based strategic operation. Meanwhile, it has set the following strategic planning: with development of commercial real estate as the core, Anhua Meibo Group’s influence extends from its headquarters in Guangzhou throughout China’s Pearl River Delta region, with a strategic position in Chongqing giving rise to opportunities in cities along the Silk Road. Anhua Meibo Group also has close social and economic ties to Australia, which will be capitalized on in order to seize opportunities presented on the Maritime Silk Road, thus strengthening its strategic presence in the Asia Pacific region. A brand new chapter begins!